Friday, October 26, 2007

Cranford Swim Club Newsletter

The following excerpt was taken from the May 2007 copy of “Splash”, the newsletter of the Cranford Swim Club:

Cell Tower Update

"The cell tower project is moving right along. The contracts have been executed with Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, and T-Mobile and the Cranford Swim Club. Verizon is preparing the application for the zoning process with the Township.

In addition, the contract is with Cingular for execution. Based on the zoning approval process and the time it will take to obtain such approval, construction of the cell tower will not take place until after the summer.”

For the full newsletter, click here.

So, as many have wondered and so many have asked and received no response; EXACTLY HOW LONG HAS THE CRANFORD SWIM CLUB BEEN PLANNING THIS CELL TOWER PROPOSAL?

If in the month of May 2007, they were telling their members that the "cell tower project is moving right along", I have to believe that it had already been in the works for quite some time.

Isn't it ironic how “quiet” it was all kept?

It is almost as if the Cranford Swim Club didn't want their neighboring residents to have even the slightest chance to get the proper information together regarding their rights before throwing them into the battle zone against an army of hired guns; a toxic mixture of "experts", lawyers, engineers, etc.

The residents who would have the greatest impact were notified only approximately nine days before the Zoning Board hearing; which occurred on Monday, October 15, 2007.

Why was this all done with such a veil of secrecy? Perhaps because the Cranford Swim Club knew exactly what response was to come? Or perhaps they were advised not to make a lot of noise about the proposed cell tower because of the backlash it would bring from the residents of all towns involved?

The possibilities are endless.

One thing is clear. The only interest that was ever taken into consideration here is the financial interest that the Cranford Swim Club saw in having a cell tower site on their property.

It appears that they never once took the best interest of their neighboring residents, county parks or the town as a whole into their consideration.

It all comes down to one word. GREED.

Unfortunately, GREED won't stand up in a court of law, however the voices of the town will!

Keep up the fight Cranford! We deserve to be heard!