Thursday, November 1, 2007

Something Stinks at the CSC!

According to several different residents in the area, there appeared to be a tremendous amount of activity over at the property of the Cranford Swim Club today.

It all began this morning with the Fox 5 News team investigating the property to do a story on the proposed cell tower. The team was also accompanied by their Fox 5 News Helicopter, which circled the area above the Cranford Swim Club.

In addition, several neighbors of the Cranford Swim Club in Cranford and Westfield were approached by the Fox 5 News team in order to gather information on the proposed cell tower.

At around noon time, residents of County Park Drive noticed Union County Officers arriving at the swim club as well as a HazMat truck and the Cranford Police Department.

They were allegedly investigating a report of hazardous materials being littered among the property of the Cranford Swim Club. Materials including pesticides, gasoline containers containing gasoline, numerous open paint cans thrown in bins, pool sealant, turpentine, etc.

Passersby could clearly see this material through the fence of the swim club. It was carelessly scattered in several different areas of the property. All out in the open, lying on the ground, uncontained.

In addition, there is a large break in the fence maintained by the Cranford Swim Club, allowing anyone to access the property. With all of the dangerous materials out in plain view and with standing rainwater in the pools, this is an accident waiting to happen.

If this is how the Cranford Swim Club maintains their property; with such blatant disregard for the safety and welfare of their surrounding community, just how are we to trust them with a cell tower facility? To my knowledge, the swim club has no security system, no installed camera system, nothing. Just broken fences and seemingly blighted property littered with beer cans, beer bottles, and an array of hazardous materials. How will they monitor activity in the nine months of the year when their club is closed?

I am absolutely disgusted at everything that was brought forward today. I feel completely embarrassed for the Board of Governors as well as the members of the Cranford Swim Club. Embarrassed for the condition of their property and embarrassed for their lack of regard for their surrounding neighbors.

Shame on you CSC! Shame on you!