Monday, September 10, 2007

Cranford Environmental Commission 09/04/2007

Excerpt - Cranford Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes:

2. Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Reviews.

a. Discussed the Woodmont Properties application which is still before the Planning Board. The next installment of the Woodmont hearing is scheduled for September 19th. Apparently there is some concern about the EC’s position regarding Woodmont; the implication being that the EC has accepted the Woodmont proposal. Members of the EC agreed that we have not accepted the application but rather have tried to make constructive comments in the event that the application for a change in zoning is recommended by the Planning Board.

b. Nelson Dittmar advised that he has prepared 4 letters over the summer for applications before the Planning and Zoning Boards. They are as follows:

i. 9 Mitchell Place - subdivision scheduled for Oct. 3rd Planning Board
ii. 18 Elise Street – subdivision before the Zoning board
iii. 555 South Avenue East - Age Restricted Housing Redevelopment Plan scheduled for the Planning Board on October. 17th. Interestingly the site plan for this application does not show any evidence of LEEDs even though the developer was granted the right to an additional 18 units in exchange for LEED’s compliance at the silver level. This applicant is also looking for a waiver of the tree ordinance.
iv. 218 Holly Street – requesting variances for an addition before the Zoning Board

c. Nelson [Dittmar] also needs to respond by Sept. 5th on the Cranford Swim Club’s application to construct a cell tower and ancillary structures on their property. Several variances are needed to construct the proposed 130 ft tower on which 3 cell companies (Omnipoint, Cingular and Sprint) would co-locate with Verizon. The plans show the removal of 14 trees including some specimen trees but no evidence that any trees would be replanted; it is more likely that a tree fund contribution is being contemplated. Concerns include the visual impact to the park and the inconsistency of land use with that permitted in the Master Plan. It was agreed that Steve Jandoli would write the letter, since Nelson had to recuse himself.